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Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklace

A classic cut--but still one of the most preferred diamond shapes. Pear shape diamond pendant necklace with pave' set round brilliant diamond accents. The pear shape diamond has been favored by collectors for decades since it is a most elegant shape, allowing the diamond to show off its highest sparkle potential in any lighting whatsoever. Adding the diamond pave accents heightens its drama for a sophisticated look. 

A ladies diamond pendant necklace offers one of the most feminine looks with great appeal, as it draws attention to a woman's lovely neckline while elogating the overall impression. The pave set round accent diamonds are the perfect complement to the most sought after pear diamond shape, creating a focal point of elegance. 

Every woman's jewelry wardrobe should have a timeless diamond pendant necklace for every occasion, whether for daytime or an evening out. Ari Diamonds does a masterful job of selecting each central diamond for their diamond pendant necklaces. And they carefully match the accent diamonds so that the finished piece is a standout work of art.

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