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Our Commitment to You


Every item of fine diamond, colored gemstone, platinum or gold jewelry sold at Ari Diamonds is of consistently high quality and value. Our team of highly trained bench jewelers and polishers finish each piece of fine jewelry to the strictest industry standards.


Our warranty covers each piece of fine jewelry and melee diamonds (excluding center stones) for defects in manufacturing. It expressly excludes coverage for excessive wear, physical, accidental abuse, loss of precious center stones, and theft--all of which will void the warranty.

We gladly clean, polish inspect prongs, provide service, replace missing melee stones and offer routine maintenance during normal wearing of your Ari Diamonds jewelry for as long as you own the item.*

We strongly recommend that you insure your fine jewelry against loss or theft.

We include one (1) free of charge ring sizing per ring. Rings resized too frequently risk damage to the piece.


To maintain the efficacy of this Warranty; the following stipulations must be met:

  • Your Ari Diamonds merchandise must be inspected and signed off by an Ari Diamonds associate every six (6) months. This ensures that we catch and potential issues affecting your property, and provide proper maintenance for it.
  • Your merchandise must not be cleaned or repaired by any other jeweler than Ari Diamonds. If another jeweler performs any work or service on your item, Ari Diamonds cannot verify or guarantee that work; thus your Ari Diamonds warranty is voided.
  • This warranty applies to the original owner of the merchandise only. It is non-transferable in any way whatsoever.


White gold metal requires additional care as it can have a slight natural yellow tinge and become dull over time. Rhodium plating restores the bright white look of white gold. This process requires the white gold piece to be thoroughly polished in order for the rhodium to adhere. However, if done too frequently, the integrity of your jewelry is affected. For this reason, we include one (1) rhodium plating free of charge per year.

*Many people are not aware that fine jewelry is delicate. Diamonds, while hard, are still subject to breakage. Jewelry worn in a rough way--run over, dropped into anything, or worn while exercising or gardening and other manual tasks may suffer damage beyond repair. We ask our customers to use good judgment in exercising good maintenance practice to avoid such damage.


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