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About Ari Diamonds, Utah's Premier Jewelry Store

When buying luxury goods from the internet it's vital that you shop with a trustworthy retailer. You want your jewelry to be all that is promised. Since you can't see the item yourself, you must know that the quality and beauty is exactly as advertised. That's why Ari Diamonds has built such a loyal following for years. We are the region's most recommended jeweler because of our commitment to high quality and exceptional customer care.
The family owned Ari Diamonds has decades of diamond and jewelry expertise behind us. Our network of industry connections allows us to search the world over to locate the perfect diamond for you. And that makes all the difference in the type of jewelry and the tremendous values we provide.
Many of the finest loose diamond goods are located in India today. Ari Diamonds has deep roots in the region; our team there can do the critical personal examination of stones before sending them to Ari Diamonds for your personal preview.
Ari Diamonds family is highly regarded in the epicenter of the diamond world in Mumbai--at the Diamond Bourse. It is the world's largest trading center for diamonds. And in its midst stands a beautiful statue commemorating the enormous contribution made by Ari Diamonds patriarch SG Jhaveri. These are the experts you want when shopping for that all important diamond or piece of jewelry.
Let Ari Diamonds, with a rich history and esteemed reputation in the world of diamonds become your personal jeweler today.